Why Invest in a Sublimation Jersey?

You have a lot of options when it comes to investing in a new jerseys for your organization or your team. One of the types of jerseys not to overlook is a sublimation jersey. You may not have considered investing in this type previously, but it can make a big difference in the way your jersey looks and feels - not just now, but well into the future. For many organizations, this method of printing is ideal both to help lower costs and for the overall design features it offers. If you are ready to design your own jerseys and want stunning colors, this is the route to take.

Why Choose This Printing Method?

There are various ways jerseys can be printed and designed. Some of them offer very low-quality results, and this is why the price tends to be very low. The problem is, the letters peel off or the colors fade. You end up having to purchase new uniforms year after year. This becomes very costly for any organization.

A better option is to invest in a sublimation jersey. This style is a bit different because the colors tend to be richer and the overall look is more vibrant. The method uses a printer designed to transfer the colored dye onto the material. This is done in such a way as it allows the solid and gas states of the color to transfer. The result is a vibrant color. It does not fade or wash out as you wash it over and over again.

For most teams and needs, the sublimation jersey is an excellent choice. It can give you all of the function and style you want including a range of colors and logo styles. You will love just how durable these jerseys can be from a color standpoint. For many teams, this is an excellent investment.